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My soapmaking journey...

Back in 1998 I finally had enough of the "winter-itchies" - you know how when you bend over and you feel prickles all over your back? Yeah, that. I figured Wisconsin winters were bad enough without having to deal with this maddening occurrence. So I started trying all of the commercial soaps that claimed to be moisturizing. One bar after another... no change.

Then I came across an article in the newspaper about a woman that made her own soaps. It went on and on about how wonderful they were for the skin, how handmade soap didn't dry your skin like commercial soaps did. Interesting... So I started reading about handcrafted soaps. And reading. And reading. And reading. Until I was finally brave enough to try making it myself. And you know what?- she was right! Finally, no more "winter-itchies"! This stuff was great!

Well, about that time, I was thinking about how it would be nice to have a home-based business so I could actually be in my house more than I was. And since I thought this soap was so wonderful, others must think so too - and the concept of Wildhaven began to form.

I have a passion for nature - if something can be made with real and natural ingredients vs synthetic, I think that's great! (And in light of recent reports of questionable chemicals in our body care - such as phalates, I was especially glad I chose this route.)

I had also become more aware of people having sensitivities to many of these synthetic chemicals since I have a good friend that has multiple-chemical sensitivities. So I figured that if I could make a product that she could use, then it would be great for just about everyone!

So I decided that Wildhaven would use the cold process method of soapmaking and scent only with pure plant essential oils.  Herbs, spices, and minerals for color and extra skin pampering. Vegetable oils only (all of our soaps contain Olive, Coconut and Orangutan-friendly Palm oils, and certain bars also contain additional oils like Hempseed, Sunflower or Castor) - but no animal products (many soaps contain tallow - an animal fat, which is cheap to buy, but not necessary to make a quality soap), so that it would be acceptable for vegans to use as well. And the result was a superior, long-lasting soap that's visually beautiful, smells wonderful, feels fantastic - and just happens to get you clean as well! Handcrafted, vegan soap ~ naturally!

But, of course, we may be just a little biased - you'll just have to try it and see for yourself!
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